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Kowalczyk Krystof

Carpentry workshop


ul. Olimpijczyków 5

46-053 Chrząstowice

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stainless steel INOX elements brushed surfaces visor door knockers unified cylindrical inserts (system) electric strike anti-burglary bolts VSG glass ornamental glass, stained glass, Venetian mirrors sand-blasted or milky glazed muntins Viennese transom lights, top, side, fixed and opening strips non-standard frames





Optional accessories

Leaf and frame made of pine, meranti or oak. Non-rebated system Finished with meranti tgz veneer. OKUMA or oak Door leaves 100mm thick Block frames 100mm x 80mm cross-section Mechanical ROTO multi-point lock with an additional lock Cylindrical inserts Kubica concealed "non-rebated" hinges, min. 3pcs Aluminum threshold with Eifel thermal insert Three gaskets Triple sealing of the door threshold Composite VSG three-chamber pane uW- 0.5 (if present) Thickness of the glass package 40-64mm


Pasiv series doors

Leaf and frame made of meranti or oak. Invisible edge of the rebate. Finished with meranti tgz veneer. OKUMA or oak. Door leaves 78 mm thick. Block frames, 78 mm x 80 mm. Mechanical ROTO multi-point lock with an additional lock. Cylindrical inserts Hinges Simonswerk Protect 2010 min. 3 pcs. Aluminum threshold with Eifel or Gutmann thermal insert. Wooden drip Two Deventer gaskets. Double-chamber VSG uW-0.7 glass pane (if present) Thickness of the glass packet 24-40mm

Premium series doors

Door leaf and frame made of pine wood Visible rebate edge Waterproof plywood finish 1st class. Door leaves 78mm thick. Block frames, cross-section 68mm x 80mm. Main AssaAbloy lock for cylindrical insert. Additional AssaAbloy lock for cylindrical insert. 3 pcs with or without a blockade Aluminum threshold Wesser Wooden drip cap Two Deventer gaskets Double glazed unit uW-1.0 (if available) Thickness of the glass packet 24-28mm


Classic series doors

Each door model can be made in one of three series:

We are aware that external doors are one of the very important functional and aesthetic elements of our home.


Therefore, our doors are made of the highest quality materials, so that they ensure reliable functionality and great aesthetic qualities. A large variety of patterns, rich colors, equipment and the possibility of individual door design make them suitable for any interior and surroundings. They are made of three-layer glued pine, oak or meranti wood. The door coating is spray-protected four times with Sikkens or Gori-Teknos acrylic paints. Respecting the need for individualism, we offer you three price classes: Classic, Premium and Passiv.


Exterior doors

Exterior doors

Exterior doors


Offer of exterior doors, door handles and accessories