Wooden windows

The best quality wood, aesthetics, safety and the latest technologies are what characterize our windows. 


We make them from three-layer glued pine, mahogany, oak or meranti wood, in various sizes, shapes and colors. The window coating is spray-protected four times with Sikkens or Gori-Teknos acrylic paints.


Wooden windows are equipped with:


- double, three or four chamber glass,

- warm "swisspacer" or aluminum frames,

- ROTO envelope fittings,

- 24mm circumferential hooks,

- aluminum or wooden thermo-drips on the frame and sash,

- three gaskets

- Transparent silicone or in the color of the window,


Our window systems have European and national certificates. Windows with 68mm, 78mm, 92mm thick profiles perfectly meet all the requirements in terms of thermal insulation and safety, satisfying every customer.

Wooden windows


Offer wooden windows

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