Shutters and facade shutters


The window offer is complemented by top-mounted or external roller shutters and facade blinds in a wide range of wood-like and opaque colors.


The highest comfort and sense of freedom is the use of roller shutters. They perfectly isolate heat, are a barrier for uninvited guests, and when partially lowered, they perfectly protect rooms against excessive sunlight and heating.

Top mounted shutters

They are installed at the stage of building a house or replacing the window joinery. In this case, the roller shutter box is placed on the window frame. The guides are screwed to the outer part of the window frame, only then the whole set is mounted in the window recess. As a result, the shutter box is invisible, and the shutter seems to be part of the window.

Roller shutters

 It is currently the most frequently chosen product in new construction. It is used on or under the facade. Some of the roller shutter systems are also available with a mosquito net, protecting us especially in summer against insects.




Facade blinds

They play a protective role for large glazing and modern buildings. Thanks to their presence, we can in a very simple and intuitive way decide on the intensity of natural light entering the room. Importantly, in the case of large windows, facade blinds also retain insulating properties.

Wired or radio overload drives do not require end position configuration, these and many other technologies of roller shutter equipment allow us to control them using a remote control or a smartphone





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